Cacique Kal Coorsa

Leader of Fourndry Four on Hypori


Born the grandson of Jans Coorsa, the legendary Phantom of Gall, Kal’s father died resisting the Empire when Kal was still an infant. Raised by his over-protective mother, Kal grew up believing he suffered from a host of mysterious maladies that kept him friendless, afraid, and timid. When Kal was twelve, his mother died during an Imperial bombardment of their village. Taken in by his infamous grandfather, Kal moved with the remnants of his clan to Hypori. The new beginning saw both a physical and emotional healing for Kal.

Shortly after Kal’s nineteenth birthday, Jans Coorsa passed away under mysterious circumstances. Jans’ last will and testament designated Kal as the interim Cacique, a position he has worked hard to keep through multiple Clan Assembly votes. Kal does his best to govern Foundry Four with the same keen foresight as his grandfather. However, Kal’s hatred of the Empire blinds his judgment, and he has frequent clashes with former Imperial Lira Hardin.


Cacique Kal Coorsa

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