Weequay Bounty Hunter


Ak-Mal is a ruthless bounty hunter recently put on retainer by Teemo the Hutt of Clan Desilijic on Tatooine. He has tracked Kad Solus to Vlemoth Port on behalf of Teemo, and has orders to capture or kill him, and repossess his ship. Hailing from Sriluur, Ak-Mal was born into slavery and worked as muscle for Clan Desilijic. Impressed with his skills, Teemo proposed a scheme that earned him his freedom and a generous loan, in exchange for a period of exclusivity working for Teemo.

Ak-Mal is aggressive, and famous for charging his enemies head on, and finishing them with his vibro-ax. He often works with a horde of nikto cannon fodder, who are usually only there to soak up a few blaster bolts and confirm stories of his prowess in cantinas. To protect himself, he usually employs a few fellow Weequay snipers to cover his reckless advances. He is loyal to Teemo, and convincing him to stop and listen to an offer to help defend Hypori is nearly impossible.



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