Commander Bakki Romilar

Rebel Base and Squadron Commander


Bakki Romilar is the former squadron leader of Dragon Squadron, and son of legendary Republic General, Hannibal Romilar. Bakki is young, tall, handsome man with brooding good looks, and equipped with charm. That was until the Battle of Chentow.

Bakki joined the Rebellion after his father defected to the Alliance soon after Rebellion was formally declared. Bakki had been a young up-and-comer within the ranks of the Imperial Navy, and had risen through the ranks thanks to his father’s position within the military. Bakki’s mother had died of a rare disease many years ago, and was Hannibal’s only son, and so when Hannibal made his move to defect, he had little choice but to take his son with him. Bakki had grown tired of the Empire and the corruption he had seen first hand, and gladly protected his father as they fled Coruscant.

For many years, Bakki loved to fly more than anything and considered everything else tedious t the point that he had logged more hours than some of the more famous pilots in the Rebellion. He was bright, cheerful, friendly, totally fearless, and thoroughly likeable (unless you were jealous of him of course). He would laugh a lot and his sabacc games aboard the Dragon’s Lair are legendary. If he weren’t a Rebellion pilot, he’d probably be a holoshow star. But then, at the height of his career, Bakki fought at the Battle of Chentow, and that’s when things changed.

Many suggest that Bakki has changed, and possibly for the worst. He has become cold hearted when it comes to the Empire, and will now take risks without consideration of the loss of human life. His goal is to destroy the Empire, at any cost, and those that now work under him know that better than anyone.

The other, more important thing, that has significantly changed is Bakki’s fear of flying. It is unknown exactly what happened during the Battle of Chentow, but what is known is that Bakki Romilar, one of the best pilots in the galaxy, refuses to step on the flight deck, little less imagine himself in the cockpit of his fighter, a modified T-65 X-Wing, which now sits quietly in the corner of the main hanger bay, collecting grime and mold.

Bakki has now been placed in command of rebel base designation DVL-357, better known as the Saltmarsh, a small Rebel outpost situated on Nakatago, in the system bearing the same name within the Ferra Sector. The base is situated on the edge of a salt lake among gigantic mangroves within an expansive swamp.


Commander Bakki Romilar

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