Chief Bellows (CT-4503)

Head of Security on Hypori and Former Clone Trooper


A large, tan skinned man with a bushy grey beard, Chief Bellows is a former Clone Trooper who suffered severe head trauma just before Order 66 was issued. He was found by Lira Hardin, who watched over him. When he woke, he convinced Hardin he didn’t understand why his brothers were behaving as they were, and she convinced him to go into hiding until things sorted themselves out. Over the years, Bellows has put on weight, and been named the Security Chief of Foundry Four. While he occasionally breaks up scuffles and domestic disputes, his real job is to ensure that the parade of shady customers visiting Hypori for ship upgrades pay their bill. While not formerly on the Clan Assembly, Bellows is frequently included in meetings to provide security input.


Chief Bellows (CT-4503)

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