General Hanibal Romilar

Rebel Alliance General


At an early age, Hannibal became interested in military theory and studied diligently for a commission to the Galactic Military Academy. When he turned 21, he was given a scholarship to attend the Academy, and was later to be trained as an officer. Whilst at the Academy, he excelled in everything that he did. He was sent to officer school early and still holds the record for being one of the youngest officer graduates. Hannibal, as expected, rose through the ranks with ease. Hannibal loves the expanse of space and has seen service throughout the galaxy and even met his wife, Janet whilst travelling the spaceways.

Hannibal was an able strategist of the Clone Wars. Many, now famous, people had served under his command, including such people as Crix Madine and Admiral Motti and by the end of the Clone Wars he had reached the rank of Colonel.

It had become apparent that major corruption had set into the roots of the Republic. Determined to oppose such degradation, he retired from Military Service, and with the help of his friend, Bail Organa, campaigned for the restoration of the old proven values. Hannibal was successful in his quest and was elected to become a Senator within the Imperial Senate for his homeworld of Chentow. During his time in office, he attempted to restore the ways of the Old Republic, and soon discovered the government was eroding. Through compromise, Palpatine was elected to the position of Supreme Chancellor to help in the restoration of order. Eventually, order was restored, but over the years Hannibal became more and more critical and vocal of the methods used by Palpatine. Corruption still flourished and Palpatine’s demands for greater autonomy grew, as did his power, never moreso that in the Clone Wars. When Order 66 was issued, Hannibal fled Coruscant with his wife and young son, Bakki, back to Chentow in order to lead a rebellion and to secure his homeworld as an independent system. The Empire had other ideas, and before long Romilar was forced off the world he loved so dearly and soon after fled to the Outer Rimlike so many other refugees.

Bakki soon grew up. Hannibal, although silent, had kept his ear to the ground and made contact with a group of roughnecks named appropriately, the Reekeene Roughnecks. The group took Bakki under their wing as he had become an amazing starfighter pilot. Hannibal kept in contact with the Roughnecks and vowed that he would repay them for their kindness to his son. In a few years time, that debt would be repaid.

Hannibal, after some time, returned to help his friends in their fight against the Emperor, and was taken into the ranks of the Rebel Alliance. Since Hannibal has become well known for his ideas and tactics, Alliance High Command wanted Romilar to join in a more advisory role, however Hannibal insisted he wanted to take a position “close to the action”, and so was sent to the Fakir Sector Force as Chief of Staff and Military Commander. Finally, Hannibal realised, the debt to the Roughnecks would be paid.

Since then, an opportunity to lead his men on a direct assault against the Empire in his home system of Chentow, presented itself. Unfortunately, the Battle of Chentow was a finely crafted trap, set by former rival at the Imperial Academy, the now Admiral DeGritz. After the fleet fled the battle, what was left of it was disbanded, and General Romilar moved into a more advisory role.

Recently, Romilar had the opportunity to visit a small Rebel Fleet in the southern slice of the galaxy along with his friend General Airen Cracken, during which they received a distress call from a small shipyard on the planet Hypori. Romilar ordered his son to send Dragon Squadron to assist as they were much closer to Hypori at the time. Just over a day later, Romilar arrived with what ships he could muster, and assisted mopping up what Dragon Squadron had started.



Skills: Cool 2, Discipline 3, Knowledge (Core Worlds) 2, Knowledge (Outer Rim) 2, Knowledge (Warfare) 5, Leadership 4, Negotiation 2, Perception 2, Ranged (Light) 2, Vigilance 2.
Talents: Adversary 2 (Upgrade the difficulty of any combat check targeting this character twice), Command 2 (Add [B][B] when making Leadership checks. Affected targets add [B] to Discipline checks for the next 24 hours), Commanding Presence 2 (Remove [SB][SB] from Leadership and Cool checks), Coordinated Assault (Take the Coordinated Assault maneuver; a number of allies equal to Leadership ranks, which are at up to medium range, add [AD] to combat checks until beginning of next turn), Field Commander (Take the Field Commander action; make a, Average ([D][D]) Leadership check. A number of allies equal to Presence may immediately suffer 1 strain to perform 1 free maneuverer), Natural Leader (Once per session, may re-roll any 1 Cool or Leadership check).
Abilities: Romilar Maneuver (Once per encounter, the user of this ability may automatically upgrade the difficulty of any check once, if the target of the check has not yet performed a combat check during the encounter).
Equipment: Comlink (handheld), Blast Vest, Light Blaster Pistol (Skill: Ranged [Light], Range [Medium], Damage: 5, Critical: 4, Qualities: Stun Setting).

General Hanibal Romilar

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