Kad Solus

Mandalorian Mercenary


A respected member of Arumorut and Vera’s second-in-command, Kad is a young, lanky Mandalorian warrior in blue and green armor. Kad was born the property of Nok, a Thalassian slave breeder expanding his business on Tatooine. A threatened local crime lord hired the Mandalorians at Arumorut to eliminate the new competition. During the attack, Kad and his brother A’den, at only five years of age, warned the Mandalorians before Nok could spring a trap. After the battle, a Mandalorain named Avin Solus adopted the twins and raised them as a Mandalorian.

Though young, Kad is already a battle-hardened veteran and jaded beyond his years. His brother in contrast in completely different, with more of a heart for the “every man”. When the blaster bolts start flying, Kad and his brother often sit back at first, finding the weak point in the enemy’s strategy. Once located, the two charge and attack like men expecting to die. Their allies struggle to see the genius in their tactics, and call then the “mir’shupla”, or brain damaged, despite how often they rescues them.


Kad Solus

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