Patrician Lira Hardin


A crafty veteran with a low tolerance for foolishness, Lira Hardin has been working on weapons of war for close to thirty years. She left her native Gall, for the Republic judicials long before the Separatist Crisis, where she was trained as a combat engineer. She was moved to the Grand Army of the Republic for the duration of the Clone Wars, where she participated in the bombardment of Hypori at the end of the conflict. She stayed on through the Republic’s transition to the Galactic Empire, and was transferred to the 9th Engineering Battalion. After bearing witness to the subjugation of Rampa I, she resigned and went home to Gall.

Struck by the ruin her once quiet hometown had become under Jans Coorsa’s leadership, Hardin became involved with clan politics. She quickly was named Patrician of the Hardin family to the Clan Council, and while she opposed Jans Coorsa at every decision, they shared a mutual respect and soon grew close. After the Imperial bombardment that decimated their village, Hardin convinced Coorsa to go into hiding with the survivors on Hypori. There, Hardin’s experience was invaluable in reactivating Foundry Four, and creating an orbital repair yard. Hardin and Coorsa laid low, catering to small-time pirates, smugglers, and mercenaries. After Jans died, Hardin opposed his grandson, who sought higher profile clients, particularly the Rebellion.


Patrician Lira Hardin

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