The Twelfth Sister (Meera Syn)

Imperial Inquisitor


Meera was a born after the rise of the Emperor’s New Order and was quickly taken by the Inquisitorus, like many Force Sensitive children before her. Whisked away, after her parents were killed, and trained to be an Imperial assassin. Throughout her life, Meera was found to excel at the use of her powers to harm others, but many sensed that something was holding her back. This was what perhaps drew another young Inquisitor to her, the one known as Slaine.

The Emperor did little to prevent the two forming a bond, and it was not long before she made the mistake of falling in love. The Emperor and Vader both saw the coupling as a way to continue the line of succession, and allowed the two to follow their hearts. This however backfired when Slaine revealed to Meera that he would flee the Inquisition, after his experiences on Chronga and the murder of dozens of children.

Slaine pleaded with Meera to follow him, hoping that she would see the light that he saw in her. He claimed to have gained passage off world with a friend who he trusted implicitly, and swore on his life to protect her. Reluctantly, she agreed, but it was not long before she began to question her decision. Meera found herself torn between the where her heart wished to follow, and the loyalty she had given to her masters.

Slaine’s associate, a young Imperial pilot named Rham managed to acquire an Imperial Shuttle, and the two waited for Meera to arrive. Slaine stood for several hours waiting at the foot of the shuttle, staring distantly into the billowing snow storm that threatened to ground the shuttle, and potentially assist in their capture. Suddenly through the swirling maelstrom, Slaine caught sight of his love. As he moved towards her, he realised that she was not alone, striding meters behind her was none other than Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith.

Perhaps Meera regretted confiding her feelings to Lord Vader, but if she did, she had buried them deep. Meera lunged at Slaine, and two fought through the snow, saber clash after saber clash. Slaine was scared beyond belief, and he could feel the pull of the Dark Side. Meera begged him to stay, claiming that Vader had already forgiven him, but Slaine knew it was a lie.

Slaine overcome with emotion, lashed out at his lover, and struck what he thought was a fatal blow. Meera fell to the snow as Vader jumped in. Slaine was no match for the Dark Lord, but Slaine had something on his side. Rham blasted the Dark Lord, sending his form reeling into the darkness, and for a moment Slaine thought the Sith’s rein of terror was over. Moments later, a battle damaged Vader emerged from the snow.

Slaine screamed in frustration whilst tears rolled down his face, sorrow for his fallen love. Slaine fled, leaving his love dead in the snow.

Slaine soon after joined the Rebellion, and some years later found himself plagued by dreams of Meera and a grand waterfall. As time progressed, the visions intensified, gradually making their way to become waking dreams. Eventually Slaine learned of the waterfall’s location on the fourth moon of the planet Dessit, and sensing that it was somehow a sign, made plans to leave. Shortly before the Battle of Chentow, driven by his passion for Meeram, Slaine left his post to find his true love, and hopefully return her to the light.

Again however, it was a trap. Now a fully fledged Inquisitor, known now only as the Twelfth Sister, she confronted Slaine, and the two battled once more. But Slaine could sense the light within her. Somehow, he could feel it, yearning for him, as much as her yearned for her. It was here that the Twelfth Sister almost took young Slaine’s life. She revealed to him that she had secretly manipulated him from afar, and had done so to protect him from the trap that the Empire had set for the Rebellion at Chentow.

Slaine became racked with guilt, and rage once more took hold. The brutality of the attack forced both he and Meera off the side of the cliff, their bodies tumbling hundreds of meters into the swirling mists below. Slaine somehow took the brunt of the fall, cushioning the blow for his love. Slaine’s near lifeless body lay on the rocks at the bottom of the ravine. Meera, who had somehow survived the fall, sensed the light within her, and with all of her power, she trusted in the force, and healed her fallen lover. Slaine breathed deeply, but remained unconscious. Meera could not longer feel the light within her. It had gone. She stood and looked down on her fallen friend. Rather than love, she now pitied him, but for some reason, could not bring herself to kill him. She turned her back on her former loved, and disappeared into the fog.


The Twelfth Sister (Meera Syn)

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