Nath Alico

Rebel Alliance Intelligence Agent


Operation Ruby Audit was a Rebel Alliance deep cover mission, where an undercover agent operated for months as Imperial Navy Lieutenant Nath Alico. While her real name is classified, the agent has repeatedly proven herself an elite operative. The Nath Alico cover identity served as Captain Motti’s adjutant, with access to Imperial Navy classified data as well as fleet movements. It is only because of Agent Alico’s quick thinking that Foundry Four has an opportunity to reclaim the secrecy of its location.

Agent Alico assumed several different cover identities during her time with Alliance Intelligence, though she often plays low-level Imperial officers and functionaries. As a deep cover agent, Nath Alico remains undercover for months at a time, providing a constant stream of valuable information. She is meticulous in her planning and prepares for most every potential contingency far in advance. She has only recently begun to recognize the power of improvisation in the field.


Nath Alico

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