Captain Ralchio Sargan-Motti

Imperial Captain of the Gladiator-class Star Destroyer 'Blood Ambition'


Born Ralchio Sargan out of an affair between Vilola Sargan and Jans Coorsa, Ralchio grew up knowing his true parentage, but forbidden from discussing it. Still, he felt entitled to both Jans Coorsa’s position as Cacique, and the strange, almost mystical techniques he used to combat the Republic and later the Empire on Gall. Ralchio fought alongside Jans, but always felt his true father treated him worse than the Imperials. Eventually, he was driven to extremes by the emotional distress, and confronted his father, demanding to know his secrets. When Jans refused, Ralchio became so angry he blacked out. When he woke, Jans was dead, despite the lack of any sign of external damage.

Ralchio fled. He decided to join the Empire, convinced his family would never think to look for him there. Before joining, he married Lila Motti, member of the influential Motti family. Ralchio cautiously explored his connection to the Force, but went to extremes to hide his powers, for fear of Imperial discovery. His paranoia convinced him an Imperial assault on Hypori could expose him not just as an associate of traitors to the Empire, but a Force user. Eventually, he knew the only way to protect his secrets, was to launch an attack on Hypori himself and destroyed any evidence.


Captain Ralchio Sargan-Motti

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