Vera Beroya

Arumorut Mandalorian Clan Leader


Vera became clan leader two years ago when her father was killed (or so she thinks) defending the Talz from Zygerrian slavers. At only 28 years of age, Vera has led Mandalorians into combat countless times and earned their respect for her tactical mind and combat prowess. Despite her decisiveness and confidence on the battlefield, Vera is less sure of herself in her new role as negotiator of services. She agonizes over business decisions that affect her entire clan. She relishes every chance she has to go to battle, and still leads her clan from the front.

An imposing figure, Vera is a tall, dark-skinned woman with the powerful build of a human who has dedicated her entire life to warfare. She carries a repeating blaster rifle into combat, and when her ammo runs out, and it always does, she drops her weapon and charges to the very front lines. Screaming the entire time, she swings a massive mythosaur axe that belonged to her father, destroying everything in her path like a Mandalorian berserker of legend.


Vera Beroya

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