Human (Male) - Warrior (Starfighter Ace)



Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Coercion 1, Discipline 1, Gunnery 1, Knowledge (Lore) 1, Lightsaber 2, Perception 1, Piloting (Space) 1
Talents: Conditioned 1, Confidence 1, Intuitive Strike, Parry 1, Rapid Reaction 1, Reflect 1, Skilled Jockey 1, Touch of Fate, Toughened 1, Tricky Target
Abilities: Force Rating 2, Enhance Basic Power [Control: Resilience, Control: Force Leap (Horizontal), Control: Brawl, Control: Force Leap (Vertical), Range (Enhance), Control: Force Leap (Maneuver)], Sense Basic Power [Control: Upgrade Difficulty, Duration, Strength, Control: Upgrade Ability].
Equipment: Blaster Pistol [Skill: Ranged (Light), Range: Medium, Damage: 6, Critical: 3, Qualities: Stun Setting], Heavy Blaster Rifle [Skill: Ranged (Heavy), Range: Long, Damage: 10, Critical: 3, Qualities: Auto Fire, Cumbersome 3], Basic Lightsaber [Skill: Lightsaber, Range: Engaged, Damage: 6, Critical: 2, Qualities: Breach 1, Sunder], S-1 Vamblade (Paired) [Skill: Brawl, Range: Engaged, Damage: 5, Critical: 3, Qualities: Accurate 1, Defensive 1, Sunder Features: Cannot deal strain damage Mod], A/KT Wing Commander Armored Flight Suit [Soak: 1, Melee Def: 1, Ranged Def: 1, Features: Reduces strain received from Critical Hits to the wearer’s vehicle by 1 (min 1), Reduce damage from fires and weapons with the Burn quality by 1], Utility Belt, Load-Bearing Gear, “Rider” Ascension Pistol, Savior Anti-Grav Chute, 4 Stimpack, Military Belt Pouch.



Obligation: Bounty – Like the Jedi who once protected the galaxy, Slaine is now a wanted criminal for being nothing more than an individual who stood up for what is true and just. Slaine fought against the darkness that had been drilled into his soul from a young age, an action that will see him hunted until the galaxy has been rid of the Emperor and his apprentice, Darth Vader.

Motivation: Redemption – Slaine feels that he has failed, and that somehow he is the one responsible for not only the death of his love, but also the deaths of countless younglings that he was forced to help slaughter. The fact that he in did not kill any of them does not change the fact that his love, and fellow students, murdered dozens of potential force users as part of the Emperor’s Purge. It does not help that he left his companions behind on a whim after a vision of his love, only to learn that she was the one that sent him the vision in order to lure him away from the Battle of Chentow. Of course, not being present has been yet another blow to Slaine, where he now partially blames himself for the loss at that battle. Slaine works hard to “pay back” those he perceives he has wronged (either intentionally or unintentionally).

Appearance: Slaine is a stern young man, with dark lines under his eyes. He pale skin and blonde hair are a stark contrast to his dark coloured eyes. Slaine wears darker coloured clothes, a deeper sign that he mourns those who he has failed.


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