Background - Campaign

SETTING: Rebellion Era
TIMELINE: The day after the Battle of Hoth

Shortly after the destruction of the Empire’s first DEATH STAR, hundreds of thousands of beings across the galaxy turned against their oppressors and in turn, the fledgling Rebel Alliance grew in strength.

During that time, in the Outer Rim Sector called Fakir, twelve of the best pilots in the surrounding sectors, led by well-known squadron commander Bakki Romilar, came together under the banner of rebellion again the Empire to form – DRAGON SQUADRON.

The Squadron was made of more than just pilots, although that was their key strength. Some were martial artists, others negotiators and one was of the sector’s finest technicians. This squad was formed as their pilots didn’t fit the mold of your average rebel pilot, and their skills were such that they could be sent anywhere to complete a mission, both on the ground and in the sky.

As time progressed, the Empire found this Squadron to be a true thorn in their side, with several of their capital ships and countless fighter squadrons falling victim to the Dragon Squadron’s talents. Eventually, the Empire called in one of its greatest tacticians – Admiral DeGritz – to deal with this menace. DeGritz focused his attention on the squadron, sacrificing all that he could to see the squadron’s end, and over the course of the next year, DeGritz’s specially chosen forces had followed the Admiral’s meticulously crafted plans, resulting in false intelligence data making its way into the hands of Rebel Intelligence. It was one of the most elaborate traps to ever be set for the Alliance by Imperial forces.

Alliance Command acted quickly on the information they had “stumbled” upon, and sent all the firepower they had to rid the galaxy of the Empire’s latest weapon – THE TARKIN – a weapon just as powerful as the first Death Star. The information was that the gigantic weapons platforms was stationed in the Chentow system, and was preparing to make an assault upon Fakir Sector’s main safe world, Masterhome. With the false data that had assumed would award them a decisive victory, the starships and fighters of the Rebel Alliance jumped to what would later be known as the Battle of Chentow.

Unfortunately for the Alliance, DeGritz’s trap was executed flawlessly, and the Rebels did not suspect a thing. The mistake cost thousands of lives including over half the members of Dragon Squadron, and the entire crew of the Dragon’s Lair, their converted Nebulon-B frigate, and base of operations. With such losses, Alliance High Command had little choice but to turn tail and run. What forces remained arrived at the rally point only to again be set upon by Imperial ships to mop up. Only a handful survived the trap, and hundreds were believed captured, with the pilots and soldiers left behind tortured at length for information pertaining to the Alliance. Even DeGritz’s only son, Kyan, who had previously defected to the Alliance, was not immune. Little to no information has ever been found what happened to those who were forced to undergo these ordeals, and Alliance High Command has been seeking information about them ever since.

The losses though were such that what remained of the Fakir Sector Force could not form a single cohesive fleet, resulting in Alliance High Command disbanding them. Those who survived could not believe that they had not perished in the massacre, with many retiring from service to the Rebellion, while others found that they could not live with the loss of their comrades, families and friends. Reports indicated that numerous survivors committed suicide, or were institutionalized rather than being forced to confront the Empire’s forces once more. Many survivors however were able to move past the grief and channelling their resolve and displaying the commitment and courage that the Rebel Alliance was renowned for.

Only four members of Dragon Squadron remained after the Battle of Chentow, the Trianni Anthuana Felent-Martique, the Togorian Hershee Barre, the Woorian Drayen Tolth, and the human Val Corestar, with General Hannibal Romilar and his son Bakki being the only survivors of command crew. Several of these became training officers and squadron leaders while others retired to be advisors. Bakki Romilar took command of what remained of the Sector Force, and while much of the Fakir Sector Force was disbanded or absorbed into the growing Rebel Fleet, the Sector’s Rebel Operation was moved to Elrood.

Alliance High Command was concerned that many of their operatives that had been captured or tortured may have compromised the Alliance and its forces. Not wanting to take further risks, bases were evacuated, operatives were called back from the field, and much of Fakir was left to its own devices. Thousands rallied on several worlds hearing of the Rebels defeat, but were soon quelled when each world by subjugated. It was a dark time for the residents of the Fakir Sector indeed.

Meanwhile, Val Corestar, the second in command of Dragon Squadron, and survivor of the Battle Chentow, was transferred to an out of the way Ferra Sector to train several squadrons of pilots and continue his evaluation of the H-Wing Heavy Starfighter Bomber. Recently, Corestar recruited several specialist pilots to conduct a recon mission at the Outer Rim world of Laxtun, a forested planet where it was believed an Imperial listening post was being constructed. Alliance’s intelligence failed to mention an Imperial Strike Cruiser which had travelled to the outpost on a resupply mission, resulting in the H-Wing crew’s capture. The three were soon after taken to the Imperial base’s prison facility for later trasfer to a Star Destroyer that was due in several days. It was not long before the three escaped the facility, stole three Imperial speeder bikes, and headed towards the landing platform where they had learned the H-Wing was docked. No sooner had they cleared the prison walls when several biker scouts gave pursuit.

The three operatives escaped, after recovering the H-Wing, taking with them vital information regarding fleet movements around the sector. The three soon after delivered the information to the sector headquarters on the swamp covered world of Nakatago. Shortly afterward, they soon learn of the impending attack on the Rebel Headquarters on Hoth. Corestar and several of his recruits were sent to assist the High Command with the safety of numerous Rebel Transports. This is where our story begins…

Background - Campaign

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