BACKGROUND - Dragon Squadron

In 1994, The Moon Swing Chronicles premiered in our Role Playing Game group. The campaign was run using the D6 Star Wars mechanic by West End Games, and ran for a total of 7 years. During that time, as some players were away, we decided to start a new interlinked campaign called Dragon Squadron, influenced highly by the Rogue Squadron series of novels. The group consisted of 6 players at the time including Anthuana Felent-Martique (Trianni), Dorn Lumsk├╝ller (Kaldra), Drayen Tolth (Wroonian), Hannibal Solo (Human), Kyan DeGritz (Human), and Val Corestar (Human), with a host of NPCs and “special guest” players including characters such as Commander Bakki Romilar (Human), DV-S1 (Droid), and Suskafoo (Verpine).

The campaign went on hold for several months after people returned, but was a campaign we never got back to. The campaign lived on in other people’s campaigns where the stats and stories provided on the old Moon Swing Chronicles website were used, but I had no reason to revisit those characters.

Below you will find the links to the campaign stories, although many are very incomplete, along with links to the characters within the campaign.



BACKGROUND - Dragon Squadron

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