STAR WARS: Dragon Squadron

SEASON 3 - Episode XII

The Long Forgotten (Part I)

The Long Forgotten (Part I)

Darkness surrounds DRAGON SQUADRON with the sudden disappearance of their second in command SLAINE after the discovery of a dark side crypt hidden under a sacred temple on SAKI.

Complicating matters is the knowledge that an ancient artefact that can solidify the treaty between the Alliance and the Sakoans remains missing from the temple, its whereabouts believed to be in the remote Dominus Sector.

DRAGON SQUADRON must now choose whether to track down their missing companion or commence their own investigation into the crystalline statue believed to be the key to destroying the Sith....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: Vixto (Obsession [Thrax])
TRIGGERED DUTY: A’den Solus (Sabotage)
DESTINY POOL: Light 5 / Dark 4



A stormy cloud swept planet. A sleek black Imperial shuttle comes into view, exiting from hyperspace and heads into the swirling clouds of the planet below.


The sleek lines of the interior blink with lights and controls. Two pilots sit at the controls, and one of them reaches forward to activate the communications array.

PILOT: “Eadu Station this is shuttle Delta KR-1 requesting permission to land."

COMMS OPERATOR: “Shuttle Delta KR-1 this is Eadu Station, you are cleared to land at the main docking area. Storms are causing severe wind shears Shuttle Delta KR-1. Maintain present course and follow the designated flight plan.”

PILOT: “Copy Eadu Station”. The pilot flips the communications switch and turns to a passenger behind him, “We will arrive within 10 minutes Director”.


The lights of Eadu Station can be seen in the distance as the shuttle flies about the standing stones of Eadu’s surface.


The shape of the Delta-class T-3c shuttle can be seen coming over the ridge towards the station. Scientists and Stormtroopers begin assembling on the platform to await the arrival of their commanding officer, Director Krennic. The camera backs up through the main doorway. An Imperial Officer turns the corner and follows the camera. The officer appears nervous, turning and looking to see who, if anyone, is following him. He turns another corner, walking past labs and blast doors, coming to a stop at a hallway leading to a large door at the bottom of a ramp.

The officer again looks behind him, and pulls a datapad with the familiar apparatus of a slicing kit, and quickly sets to work on the controls. Suddenly blaster fire can be heard in the distance as the door slides open. The officer fumbles with his gear and begins walking into the large chamber filled with opaque tanks of bubbling liquids. The officer’s breath quickens as he looks at the data pad, comparing its display with labels on each tube.

Suddenly, the station is rocked with an explosion which buckles metal plating and shatters several of the tubes. From one tube, an arms flops out against the jagged glass. The officer falls to the ground as another explosion rocks the facility. The officer then looks up to see the tube he was sent to find. Activating the controls, the tube drains, revealing a Zeltron female. The facility rocks once again, and the female form dislodges from the tube’s embrace and into the officer’s arms.

OFFICER: “Wake up. I can’t carry you. The base is under attack from who knows what. We have to get out of here. We have to go. NOW! Wake up!”


Vixto lunges forward from a deep sleep. Von’thorn stands from his seated position, placing his hand on her shoulder…



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