Rham Klaim

Corellian (Male) - Ace (Hotshot)





Backstory: Raised by his father Jesse Klaim, Rham was always told to “seek justice”. To this end, he as a youth enrolled into the imperial academy rather than follow his father into CorSec. Despite an incident involving a Zygerran Prince as he was being incarcerated by Jesse Klaim, Rham excelled as a pilot under the tutelage of his flight instructors. All seemed fine until the destruction of Alderaan. As the news of the destruction of his mother’s home reached the young man, Rham received a gift from his father, his H-7 Equaliser pistol inscribed with the words “Seek Justice”. It was not long after this that Rham defected and stole whatever he could grab before escaping in a hijacked shuttle along side a young imperial named Slaine.

It was not long after an encounter with the Emperor’s attack dog, Vader that Rham realized that there was no life for him in Imperial space and he set about finding his way further and further form the core. A chance encounter with a Zeltron named Rahuhl led to Rham and Slain making contact with the Rebel Alliance and soon after he fell in with the rebellion and was recruited for their fighter squadrons. His flight, Krayt Squadron, was one of the many involved in the Battle of Chentow and was destroyed almost to the man, their deaths largely orchestrated by an unseen hand of an imperial double agent who’d been deployed to ensure the effectiveness of the ambush. In the aftermath, a rescue crew, including Slaine pulled Rham’s heavily damaged X-Wing from the debris. When Rham awoke, he found himself the last Krayt in the sky. This great loss affected him deeply, causing him to withdraw from his peers, and rely on his droid, Rattles far more than was considered healthy. This prompted a psychological examination that was only passed by the skin of his teeth and as a result, the only squadron that would take him were the Dragon.

Obligation: Saboteur- Rham’s previous squadron, Krayt Squadron was called to action for the battle of Chentow, they were not prepared. Unbeknownst to the brave pilots who were suiting up for the vicious ambush ahead, a traitor had seen to their fighters, disabling systems discreetly and creating flaws where none were before. The operative, a meticulous imperial spy with an eidetic memory then fled from the rebellion fleet to report their success in eliminating Krayt Squadron. With the recent attention that Dragon squadron has received, the agent has discovered that their work is not yet complete, and will do anything to ensue their perfect record is maintained.

Motivation:Comrades - All that survived of the Krayts after the disastrous battle of Chentow were the shattered frame of an X-Wing fighter, inside, barely alive a pilot, and frantically whistling and rattling in an attempt to contact any Rebellion forces was a brave, albeit slightly scorched droid named Rattles. This droid, it would later be realized was a major emotional crutch for their owner, Rham. It was observed that the droid served as his last connection to his lost squadron, and separation from the droid resulted in distress of varying levels. The Fleet’s analyst concluded that exposure to another squadron would benefit the pilot, and reduce his dependence on the droid.

Duty:Placard Hunter - With a fervent dedication, that borders on self destruction, Rham has thrown himself into the battle once more, seeking out the most skilled Imperial pilots to blast into dust among the stars. In some ways, it might seem that Rham’s behavior stems from a desperate need to avenge the many dead he’s left behind him, including the 11 dead Krayt Squadron pilots, each which have a black strip along the nose of his X-Wing.

Appearance: Dour, pale and tired, Rham hasn’t slept well in some time, and it shows. At least when he’s not wearing his flight helmet. With an uncomfortably straight posture, Rham is a man that seemingly never relaxes or indeed removes his armored flightsuit. Rumor has it on base that he simply owns either several of these suits that he rotates around, or one, that he never removes. Beneath the dark helmet is a face largely untouched by overt emotional displays, with blue eyes that have little light to them. It’s suggested that he keeps his hair shaved short so as to make it more comfortable when wearing his helmet. Given how long he keeps it on, this might not be far from the truth.

Rham Klaim

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