Vixto Lenoshi

Zeltron (Female) - Smuggler (Pilot)



Skills: Charm 2, Gunnery 1, Negotiation 1, Perception 1, Piloting (Planetary) 1, Piloting (Space) 2, Ranged (Light) 1, Skulduggery 1, Streetwise 1, Vigilance 1

Talents: Basic Combat Training, Brilliant Evasion, Congenial 1, Dedication 2, Defensive Driving 1, Disarming Smile 1, Don’t Shoot!, Full Throttle, Grit, Inspiring Rhetoric, Just Kidding!, Kill With Kindness 1, Let’s Ride, Master Pilot, Natural Pilot, Rapid Recovery 1, Second Wind 1, Skilled Jockey 1, Smooth Talker 1, Toughened 1, Works Like a Charm

Abilities: Unmatched Fortune (Basic Ability)



Vixto Lenoshi was born and raised in the outskirts of Zeltros. After her mother Vilas died during childbirth her father shut away the rest of the world. Nikton lost all of his feelings of joy and happiness that the Zeltron people are known for, and raised Vixto in a small home divided from her people.

The only interaction she had outside of her home was selling and trading for her father at the local spaceport. She would spend hours listening to the traders and hearing about their travels from system to system. Vixto was also used her experience trading to develop a certain, charm, about her. She was able to sell her wares for slightly more than they were worth and pocketed the difference from her father. She hoped to save enough money to get away from her home.

Her other joy included taking her father’s speeder and really testing it’s capability on the drives to and from the spaceport. She became a highly skilled driver over the years, to the point where people come out to see her showing off her tricks when she came into town. She became somewhat of a local celebrity and also caught the attention of a well-known crime syndicate who had a base on Zeltros.

She started introduce to the darker side of Zeltros through her contact with the syndicate. She was swept away with this high energy and dazzling world before her. Whilst she loved her father she became intoxicated with the lifestyle.

One early morning when Zeltros crept inside her home, careful not to make a noise, she was confronted with her father collapsed on the ground. She ran to him and turned over to feel his cold skin against hers. He had been dead for hours, just lying on the floor with no one there. Vixto signalled the local authorities and when she hung up the signal she panicked. For the first time feeling completely alone in the galaxy, she ran to the only other place she knew.

Vixto feel deeper and deeper in with the syndicate working her way up from getaway driver on Zeltros, to smuggler travelling along trade routes at the request of the crime boss. She became a skilled pilot out of necessity and used her natural charm to become a talented smuggler. Over the years she built trust between her boss and connections throughout the galaxy. She earned her respect through hard work and remaining loyal to the only other family she had ever known.

Vixto became the crime bosses right hand smuggler and was entrusted with his personal and private information on his dealings. This trust and her reputation gave her powerful allies but also dangerous enemies.

Her boss asked her to be involved in a deal taking place on Kowak with Prince Sono Monec, primarily as she was one of the better pilots in his employ, but also as she was well versed in social customs, and asset he used her for regularly. It was a “run of the mill” job by any standards – an element that should have been her first warning sign. She didn’t see it coming – a double cross which landed her in the Zygerrian slave pens after being framed as a traitor to the syndicate, and her ship, the Celestial Shadow, was seized.

Luckily, Vixto was just as competent as an orator as she was a pilot, and somehow managed to convince the Prince that she would be much better as one of the Prince’s dancers than her finesse be lost in some shady deal to one of his competitors. Vixto struck a chord with the Zygerrian, and she was placed into the care of the Prince’s slave harem.

Stuck on Kowak, and without a way to exit the planet, she was surprised when she overheard that Imperials had arrived in the system, and an Imperial of some importance, a Gand who identified himself as an Inquisitor arrived, requesting assistance from the Prince in locating a wanted man named Slaine. When the Prince denied knowledge of the individual’s presence, the Prince was murdered. This drew out the fugitive who soon challenged the Inquisitor to find him.

Vixto and several of her fellow dancers were escorted back to their chambers. Perhaps this may the opportunity that Vixto was looking for. Perhaps she could help them? Or better yet, perhaps they could help her.

Vixto Lenoshi

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